Who can get your hairs did?..............This guy!
Email- jessejpjohnson@yahoo.com

Yes indeed I do cut hair and, in the opinion of others, am good enough to start a business! Now I know some of you may have people you already go to and that is great, although as an actor myself it can be quite pricey and not always available. Not only am I pretty cheap and available I am also a friend, which in my opinion is always a plus.

For price inquiries and appointments please contact me at jessejpjohnson@yahoo.com

I do in fact love cutting hair and am very meticulous when it comes to doing it. That’s why I usually cut my own. So if you or anyone you know would love to try my haircutterist expertise, I would be more than happy to be of service.

My list of clients include: (if you know them please contact for recommendations)

The “Altar Boyz” (Ryan J Ratliff, Ryan Strand, Joey Khoury, Austin Lesch, Michael K C, “So You Think You Can Dance’s” Neil Haskell), Nick Blamire (Cry Baby, music and lyrics to Glory Days), James Gardner (book writer to Glory Days), Adam Halpin (Glory Days), Andrew Call (Altar Boyz, Cry Baby, Glory Days), Marty Thomas (Xanadu and many others), Brad Heikes (Roundabout's Pygmalion), Scott Nevins (Comedian), Sarah Aldridge (costumer and designer), Eric Schaefer (Director), Kira Dutzeman (dancer/ singer)