Jesse JP Johnson to Celebrate GINGER LOVE
Release at The Bitter End, 9/8

"On September 8th, Jesse JP Johnson will celebrate the release of his new EP, 'Ginger Love' with a concert at The Bitter End. The 9:30pm concert will feature songs from the EP as well as additional original material and covers..." READ MORE

Q-and-A with 'Wicked' star Jesse JP Johnson

"Since its start on Broadway ten years ago, the musical Wicked has been an astounding hit. Actor Jesse JP Johnson has been involved in Wicked for about two years, first as part of the Broadway ensemble and currently as Boq in the national tour..." READ MORE

WICKED Actor Jesse JP Johnson Can’t
Stay Away From Chicago For Long

"Chicago has always had a special place in my heart. Not only did I spend summers here as a kid but Chicago was also where my Mother grew up. I am also lucky to call Chicago my first workplace as it was where I debuted my first leading role in a national tour..." READ MORE

9 Things I Know to Be True About 9 to 5

"#7: Jesse Johnson tattooed his way into the show:It turns out the Littleton native and 2004 graduate of the Denver School of the Arts has a tattoo of a mustache on his index finger. "So when he holds up his finger to his upper lip, he becomes an instant other character," Calhoun said. "When he did that at the (audition), he had the job instantly, quite frankly. He's a great singer, dancer, actor . . . and he can tumble. He's a quadruple threat. He's an original, and we are lucky to have him."
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Running Lines with Jesse Johnson of "9 to 5"

Theater critic John Moore catches up with Littleton native Jesse Johnson, who returns to Denver to play the son of Violet, among others, in the national touring production of 9 to 5.

The bonus clip at the end is 9 to 5 director Jeff Calhoun commenting on casting Jesse Johnson in his roles.

Jesse as "Doody"...

on tour

"The first part of ACT I is full of songs that will have audiences toe-tapping along to, like “Those Magic Changes” which is performed by Doody. It is with this number that we are given a true insight into the talented vocal ability of Jesse JP Johnson. He is a true entertainer, as he takes over the stage during this dream sequence – performing for all of his fans."
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"The T Birds were such an amiable bunch.  And man…what voices! ...Jesse JP Johnson as Doody had a fantastic timbre and really embodied the style of the period."
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"As Doody, Jesse JP Johnson was so riveting in his Act I number that I paid special attention to him throughout the rest of the show."
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Glory Days set to open on Broadway May 6th, 2008

A New American Musical by twenty-three year old newcomers Nick Blaemire and James Gardiner. Directed by Eric Schaeffer. Starring Steven Booth, Andrew C. Call, Adam Halpin, and Jesse JP Johnson.

W. 50th St. Bet. Broadway & 8th Ave.

Jesse JP Johnsons joins the New York cast of
Altar Boys as "Luke"!

Cast Named for Premiere of Blaemire & Gardiner's Musical,
Glory Days, at VA's Signature

- By Kenneth Jones, Dec 17, 2007

...The world premiere - a true "original" musical, not based on existing material - will feature Steven Booth, Andrew C. Call, Adam Halpin and Jesse "JP" Johnson....


"Particularly outstanding is Johnson in the lovely 'Open Road'"...
- Tom Avila,

"Jesse JP Johnson is Jack, the friend who finally feels free enough to come out to his friends, and he plays the part with sincerity and infinite warmth.  Not once does he lapse into any stereotype, and his genuine concern for his friends, rather than a self-absorbed "don't hate me" take is refreshing..."
          - James Howard,

"Jesse JP Johnson receives loud laughs from the audience for his portrayal of Luke, the bad boy who is in recovery. Johnson parlays his talents into a rap song that is a solid hit. Adding a layer of being not too bright only generates more laughter. With a combination of Marky Mark and deer in the headlights, Johnson wins the audience approval with his mirthful characterization."
- John Garcia, Dallas

" Luke, potrayed by Jesse JP Johnson, was great at representing the "ghetto white boy" of the group that had joined after recovering from rehab. He added dumbness to his ghettoness that got great laughs throughout the show, for the most part. His stereotype did get old at points, but his energy, range, and acrobatics during the song, "Body, Mind & Soul" made him a standout."
-Shawn Parikh (Pegasus News)
Jesse's Altar Boyz Interviews: